Distance Healing From the Core®: 
The 4-Pillar Formula That Gets Clients
and Income Flowing In

Now is the time to fulfill your calling helping men, women and children in need 
— without even leaving your home!

This is a phenomenal time to be alive, isn’t it? 

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we get to witness a worldwide transformation.

We’re watching humanity evolve before our eyes … breaking norms that many thought were impossible. 

Like the men and women who are discovering they can work remotely … when before they were chained to a desk. 

And yet, how do we fulfill our calling as therapists and caregivers when we can’t physically touch our clients, family members or friends?

We do it by finally demonstrating that true healing doesn't only come from a set of hands. And it certainly doesn’t come from a prescription pad. 

It comes from deep inside of us. From who we're being when we’re not restricted by time or space.

When you learn how to direct that energy properly, you can help others anywhere in the world.

I've been demonstrating this process to my advanced students for years.

Now all of this is possible for YOU — even in the midst of uncertainty.

This is how you can help clients, family members all over the world ...

And guarantee you always have a steady income flowing in ... now and in the future.

Join Us in Our New
Distance Healing From the Core®
Training Program Starting December 4, 2020

Happy Students

“This course was perfect, both for my needs in this time when I can’t work in person with any of my massage therapy clients, as well as moving forward so I can work with clients outside my geographical area. 

It gave me a beautiful structure, deepened my skills, and increased my confidence to work with clients at a distance. 

A truly life-changing class.”

Trina Brown

“This course opened me to new possibilities during Covid-19, when I could have easily succumbed to overwhelm. 

It was wonderful to see what new sensations and skills I could find beyond the tools I've always. 

I was delighted to see how much I could sense and track in myself and in my practice partners.”

Jacqui von Voss

As a university professor, my left brain was skeptical. 

Yet by the third day of the training I knew in my heart and gut that we really are all connected, that healing can happen across time and space. 

The course brings together many different bodies of knowledge, to teach you how to literally reach a wider population." 

Miri Nakamura

In this online LIVE + recorded training, you will ...

  • Learn how to explain to your clients how a distance-healing session works so they relax into it.
  • Take away word-for-word SCRIPTS that tell you exactly what to say ... and when to say it.
  • Discover the most effective way to start a session ... even when that's different from client to client.
  • Find out how to hold an empowered healing space that does most of the work for you.
  • Practice integrating your 6 Wisdom Areas ... so you can help clients integrate theirs. Even while you're working at the cellular level and meeting any resistance they may have. 
  • Learn how to deepen each session to bring clarity, ease, profound healing and relaxation to the places your clients need most. 
  • Find out the best ways to wrap up your sessions in a timely manner with integrity — helping your clients get closure with tools they can use to resource themselves. 
  • Take away techniques to set up your next session in a graceful way that leaves your clients feeling grateful and well cared for.

By the end of your training, you'll have the tools you need to:

  1. Calm anxiety-ridden situations — even when your clients can’t see the way out themselves.

  2. Clarify your clients’ best next steps. So instead of feeling confused and overwhelmed, they’re calm, cool and relaxed.

  3. Awaken the body’s innate healing wisdom. So it naturally organizes to fight any health challenge … whether it’s physical, mental or emotional.

  4. Help your clients prepare for surgery. So the body can optimize all its systems because it knows exactly what’s coming.

  5. Make better headway post-surgery — helping your clients off-gas anesthesia and speed up the healing process.

  6. Help your clients in thousands of other ways RIGHT NOW when they desperately need it.

Imagine how good it's going to feel when ...

  • Your appointment book is filled with men, women, even children who appreciate you. And you don’t need to leave home to help them!

  • You’re fulfilled as your head hits the pillow each night knowing you’re continuing to share your gifts … and keeping an income coming in.

  • You know exactly how to tap into the sea of healing energy that surrounds us — and direct it with your intention and skill — to support your clients, family members and friends.

  • You’re grounded and embodied at the end of each session … just like your clients.

  • You end each day with a contented sigh because you brought comfort, well-being, insight and clarity to the people you care about most.

  • You’re boosting immune systems, dissolving their aches and pains, and quelling their stress and fears.

  • You’re getting your clients out of fight-or-flight. So they’re able to respond effectively to anything that’s happening around them.

  • You’re fulfilled doing what you were BORN to do. And your clients are happily paying you to do it!

“Suzanne and Lori were knowledgeable, organized, clear, and incredibly supportive and generous. 

It was great to get to practice under the guidance of skilled practitioners. They modeled the embodiment needed to do this work well. 

It was amazing how much we could feel a connection across time and space. I look forward to studying with them more soon!” 

Lara Hornbeck

“If you're looking to adjust your practice beyond the physical — and offer healing to a wider range of clients and/or clients that you cannot be with physically — this is it! 

Suzanne and Lori bring the tools to get you there. I left the training with confidence and clear steps to move forward. 


Tamee Cooper

“I feel enlightened, empowered, and embodied to go forth and continue to do good work in this world during these difficult days and tender times. 

Thank you, Suzanne and Lori, for sharing your time, talents, tools and vast reservoirs of compassion. 

I come away from this course with gratitude and confidence that I can pay it forward.”

Shauna Hodgson Filippone

Your Instructors

Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D
Creator of Healing From the Core®

Suzanne Scurlock is one of the world’s leading authorities on conscious awareness and its impact on the healing process. 

For more than 30 years she has empowered others with practical tools that enable them to experience joy without burning out. 

She's a sought-after speaker who inspires healthcare providers, coaches, executives, parents, clergy and others to stay relaxed and energized using her life-changing tools that dissolve stress and pain. 

She has also authored two acclaimed books: Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom and Reclaiming Your Body: Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom.

Lori Chinitz, PT, CST-D
Healing From the Core® Instructor

A physical therapist for more than 30 years, Lori’s strengths as an instructor and clinician flow from her capacity to witness and support each person’s unique journey. 

Her gentle, down-to-earth style is a key to helping others unlock deeper doorways toward their own healing. 

She is adept at creating a space of safety and connection that allows her students and clients to feel recognized and heard. 

And she combines her keen integration and synthesis of body, mind and spirit to assist each person in their healing process.

Choose From 1 of 2 Sessions 

to Suit Your Schedule

Session A: 6 Consecutive Days of Live Training (Friday-Wednesday, December 4 - 9)

Session B: Two 3-Day Weekends (Friday-Sunday, December 4 - 6 and December 11 - 13)

Here's how Session B works:

  • The first 3-Day Weekend is LIVE training.

  • The second 3-Day Weekend is PRE-RECORDED training.

  • The second 3-Day Weekend will also begin and end with a LIVE connection with Suzanne 30 minutes before and after your regular training.

  • The second 3-Day Weekend will still include LIVE Breakout Sessions for practice and feedback from a trained practitioner of Distance Healing From the Core®.

You'll make your selection for either Session A or Session B in the Confirmation email you'll receive after you register for the program.

Where: 100% online via Zoom. No fancy outfits or makeup necessary!

Time for Session A and B: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern.

  • Session B: Will also include a 30-minute connection with Suzanne at 12:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. ET.

To find the time in your area: Click here and enter "Reston, VA, USA" in the "convert from" field.

This Program is Highly Interactive
So Enrollment is Limited

To help you practice the techniques you learn in real time …

Training Session A and B both include LIVE Breakout Sessions guided by Distance Healing From the Core® Practitioners personally trained and approved by us. 

We intentionally keep these groups small so you get the individual attention and support you need … 

To get all your questions answered — so you can put everything you learn into practice right away. 

That’s why enrollment is strictly limited. 

This training has FILLED to capacity in the past. So if it's even whispering your name, jump in right away!

Set Your Sights on Mastery + 

Done-For-You Marketing Material

Do you appreciate the accomplishment and recognition that comes from becoming certified in your favorite modalities?

Then you’re going to LOVE our new Certification Program. 

You can achieve the distinction of being a Certified and even Master Certified Practitioner! 

Both certification tracks begin with Distance Healing From the Core®. 

Which means, when you take this first small step, you’re making a decisive LEAP in your professional achievement. 

Plus, if you choose to pursue certification, you'll be delighted with an added bonus ...

Done-For-You Marketing Material that makes attracting new clients easy!

Your Low Investment 

Reaps Lifelong Rewards

To make this valuable training as accessible as possible, you’re getting a BIG introductory savings.

Think about the long-term impact this kind of FREEDOM will have on your practice ...

  • On the fulfillment you’ll feel when you help people in communities everywhere who desperately need relief.

  • On the security that comes from knowing you’ll continue earning an income, even in uncertain times.

  • On the gratitude you’ll feel at providing for your family — and helping to ground them with the calm presence they need in moments of unrest and unease.

  • And on the peace you’ll experience knowing your practice will never again need to be buffeted about by the stress of circumstances beyond your control.

Our "Rest Easy" Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to feel 100% secure in the investment you’re making in your future. 

Simply attend the entire first day of training — and participate in every exercise and activity. 

Then if you don’t see how what you’re going to learn will enhance your ability to help your clients … anywhere in the world … 

Send us an email no later than midnight U.S. Eastern Time on the first night of training — Friday, Dec. 4, 2020 — and request a refund. 

Aside from a low $50 administrative fee, we’ll pay you back out of our own pockets. 

Choose your payment method below.

One Payment

6 Monthly Payments

You will be given a choice of Session A or Session B after registration.

“When I read Suzanne was offering this intensive course on long distance healing, I knew this would be for me —and she did not disappoint! 

It truly exceeded my expectations. 

Suzanne and Lori exhibited a care and commitment to the course and to the students you don’t always find.”

Christine Ford

“If you're interested in doing long distance work, I found this class to be an essential foundation to launch from.

This class has given me excitement, hope and confidence. It's also deepened my hands-on practice! 

The most profound thing I’ve noticed is the deepening of awareness and connection to myself as a human being and to others.”

Karen Wrinkle

“This course is everything it purports to be. 

If you're a traditional hands-on bodyworker who's exhausted by the old paradigms and intent on thriving in the 21st century, you can now confidently make a quantum leap of faith into the future.”

Charlene Crane

“This is a very high-value course! There is a lot of content. And for me it’s extremely valuable to have the videos to go back to, both for what I missed and to replay and integrate the information. 

Suzanne and Lori are excellent teachers who obviously have done their own work personally and professionally. 

They have decades of experience practicing and teaching the work, which is very clear from attending this course. 

If you’re looking for resources to enhance your skills with distance sessions I highly recommend this course!”

Anne Herrick Dienel

“I'm so grateful for this program.  From the beginning it has been a smooth and easy process. 

It gave us a safe space to try out new skills with some feedback to help us individually. And the online learning platform was great. 

I find sometimes at an in-person class, people have so many questions that are not always pertinent to the course material. And that can be disruptive. 

In this case, because I was able to only look at the chat window when I wanted to, that made it easier to focus on Suzanne and Lori. 

How to save your hands as a manual therapist and expand your reach of clients?

If you’re questioning whether this course will be helpful, don't question any longer. This was mind blowing!” 

Tannas McLaughlin

“Wonderful course! I was able to get a very tangible experience of distance healing with clear, structured practice and discussion. 

The demos and group exercises helped me overcome some mental hang ups on the effectiveness of long distance work. 

And the breakout rooms were extremely helpful in experiencing what we learned in real time. 

I like online learning like this because it’s less overwhelming than being in a large, in-person group. 

I am so grateful for this class! It’s invaluable to connect in a new way with clients, family and friends, especially given our current world situation.” 

Kate Destadio

If you're a therapist — or you have the heart of a healer ...

NOW is the time. 

Because if things continue with Covid-19, who knows when you’ll be able to open your doors again?

And who knows if you’ll even want to? 

Yet as we evolve and expand and RISE UP to meet this new challenge together …


Right here with you,

Suzanne Scurlock

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